Yes, I have never actually had a ‘blog’ post on here; it is all reviews, recipes, and crafts. I have lots of catching up to do as well. Lately I have been trying to expand my friendships / blogging community and found many devoted bloggers and interesting topics. Thanks so much for reading my site and keeping me entertained.

So.. I recently received THREE awards and I would like to share those with you.


light bulb concept

Illuminating Blogger Award: Writing about meaningful topics to inspire others.

Thank you Rohan7Things for nominating me! Feel free to answer the questions connected to other awards, you are all amazing!

my nominees are:

1. Our Sonny Life

2. SockMonkeyKitchen

3. Kim’s Counseling Corner


5. J-bo



Liebster blog award! Thank you to rgdole for nominating me!

The rules for the Liebster are to thank the person who nominated you, answer the 11 question they have asked you, nominate 11 other people and ask them 11 questions in return. According to the guidelines the Liebster award should be sent to bloggers with less than 200 followers.


  1. What is your favorite kind of cookie? I love white chocolate and macadamia nuts the best.
  2. If you only had one day left to live, what would you do? Spend time with family and preserving memories.
  3. What is your goal, at this very moment? To complete my LPC hours.
  4. What would be your ideal pet (it can be mythical)? A kitty who doesn’t make messes and break things.
  5. Pirate or Ninja? Ninja.
  6. Answer the question you imagine being right here. YES, I DO.
  7. If your life was a book, what would the title be? To be continued.
  8. Who is your favorite superhero? Super Grover.
  9. What would you wish to know more about? Nutrition.
  10. Do you prefer books or movies? Both. Comedy for movies.
  11. What would you prefer, to be the smartest person on earth but with no sense of humor, or to find everything amusing but never know what’s going on? Smartest person.

my nominees are:

1. Child’s Play Counseling

2. All Things Holy Hell

3. Licensed Mental Health Counselor

4. The Garret

5. In Your Corner

6. Help Me Help Holly

7. The Heart of Life

8. Trees and Ink

9. The Divine Guide Within

10. Bookshelves and Windows

11. Pittsburgh Psychotherapy

(My questions to the Liebster winners:)

    1. How many books do you read each year?
    2. What is your favorite card game?
    3. Are you a spender or a saver?
    4. If your life was a song, what would the title be?
    5. What’s your favorite tv show of all time and why?
    6. What game show would you like to go on and why?
    7. What was your favorite game to play as a child?
    8. Have you ever been on tv?
    9. Have you ever written (or started to write) a book?
    10. What type of food do you make or eat most often?
    11. Do you know how to snow ski?


beautiful-blogger-awardVery Inspiring and Beautiful Blogger Award:

Thank you Child’s Play Counseling! 

The rules for this award are: 1 . Display the award logo on your blog. 2. Thank and link back to the person who nominated you. 3. State 7 things about yourself. 4. Nominate 7-15 bloggers for this award. 5. Notify those bloggers of the nomination by linking to one of their specific posts so that they get notified by ping back.

Seven things about Holly:

1. Last week I learned how to ski at Breckenridge, Colorado. Snow is beautiful.

2. Last weekend I learned how to play Rummy. It’s fun.

3. Yesterday I played ‘war, in and out, trash, and speed’ card games.

4. Today I finally caught up with my award nominations. I love my blogging friends.

5. Tomorrow is recycling day. I recommend that everyone recycle.

6. This weekend I look forward to going out to the movies.

7. Next weekend I am going to a dinosaur museum.

my nominees are:

1. Rohan7Things

2. A Drip of Truth

3. Polly’s Paper Studio

4. Carrieblueberry

5. Write Meg

6. Bucket List Publications

7. Inky and Bright

Check out all these great blogs and spread the awards!

Thank you so much! Holly


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8 responses to “Friends

  1. Thanks for the nomination!

  2. Rohan 7 Things

    Thanks so much for the nomination Holly 🙂 What movie are you going to see on the weekend?

    Take care, all the best!


  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving alike. Best wishes on your blogging and welcome to the Blog neighborhood.

  4. Great read, wonderful blogs you found and awesome topics you chose! I will go ck out those blogs in the morning!

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