Review: Bossypants

Bossypants by Tina Fey

Non-Fiction. Published 2011.

Read: August 2011, 277 pages


Book Blurb:

Tina Fey’s new book Bossypants is short, messy, and impossibly funny.  From her humble roots growing up in Pennsylvania to her days doing amateur improv in Chicago to her early sketches on Saturday Night Live, Fey gives us a fascinating glimpse behind the curtain of modern comedy with equal doses of wit, candor, and self-deprecation.  Some of the funniest chapters feature the differences between male and female comedy writers (“men urinate in cups”), her cruise ship honeymoon (“it’s very Poseidon Adventure“), and advice about breastfeeding (“I had an obligation to my child to pretend to try”).  But the chaos of Fey’s life is best detailed when she’s dividing her efforts equally between rehearsing her Sarah Palin impression, trying to get Oprah to appear on 30 Rock, and planning her daughter’s Peter Pan themed birthday.  Bossypants gets to the heart of why Tina Fey remains universally adored: she embodies the hectic, too-many-things-to-juggle lifestyle we all have, but instead of complaining about it, she can just laugh it off.


I’ve been a Tina Fey fan for a while.  I love her show 30 Rock and her comedy.  I heard great reviews of how funny this book would be so when I needed a few more dollars to get my Amazon cart over twenty five dollars.. I got it.  I’m glad I did; I recommend this book to adults who enjoy comedy and can stomach liberal convictions.


Tina details her experiences well and always brings you back to a smile through every story and important life event.  She followed her dreams and fell right in to place writing and producing her own show.  I laughed at her self-deprecation and silly scenarios.  I would even call her story inspirational in that she accomplishes her goals through hard work.  She never leaves out a tale about her family and loving husband.  She balances her life with a heap of silliness everyday, something I would like to advocate for!


Dr. Spaceman enters from I.C.U.  His lab coat is covered in blood.  The women all gasp.  ‘What, this?  No, no, I was at a costume party earlier this evening…and the hostess’s dog attacked me so I had to stab it.’ -p18

His exhaustion had given him the the giggles, and he kept poking me and waking me up saying things like, ‘Hey, I gotta ask you one more thing.  Do you like pretzels?’ -p189


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