Card: Jeep Birthday

Card Making:

This card was made for someone very sweet. He is a jeeper and loves the outdoors and fishing. It took quite a while to get it all together with stamps and cutouts. I had a really good time making it; I don’t take craft projects too seriously so little mistakes here and there I’m still proud of. My favorite parts are the little reminders of things we have done together like hot air ballooning and watching fireworks. I made sure to add all thirty candles and of course my little bunny at the end. He seemed to appreciate the sentiment and I baked him pecan/peanut butter/milk chocolate morsel cookies too! His response was ‘No ones ever made me anything like this, it must have taken you a long time to make’ along with a smile. A great turnout, see for yourself!

How it turned out:




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3 responses to “Card: Jeep Birthday

  1. What a great birthday card and present! He’s a lucky guy!

  2. love your card/present. i love to make collage cards/books/gifts using letters and words and pics and phrases from all sorts of media. i understand the joy of the project. thanks for stopping in and following my blog, i look forward to seeing more from you – beth

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